About Me


Palo Alto Home Inspectors“Is there anything about the house that particularly concerns you?”  This is usually the first question that I’ll ask a new client.   As you know, a home purchase is fraught with plenty of concerns.   Helping clients manage the home buying process is a part of my career that I truly enjoy.

As a Palo Alto native I have witnessed first hand the fascinating dynamics of Bay Area real estate.   I swung my first hammer at the age of 14 while building a family cabin in Canada, and have been involved in  varying forms of construction and facility management ever since.   My experience managing the construction and maintenance of cleanrooms and laboratories in Silicon Valley was especially invaluable in preparing me for the Home Inspection field.  Cleanroom construction has to be nearly perfect due to rigorous manufacturing standards! 

I am a member of the California Real Estate Inspection Association and certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  I live in Palo Alto with my 17 year old daughter, who is the proud owner of our cat Kitsy.

Why Choose Me as an CREIA Home Inspector?

The California Real Estate Inspection Association, CREIA, is California’s premier home inspector association, a true non-profit, and truely dedicated to using all of its efforts for the benefit of the home buying public that they and their home inspectors serve. CRIEA has been around for over 40 years. In that time, they have pushed the industry upward to make home inspectors and the industry better. They also protect the public more than could be accomplished by home inspectors individually.

Inspecting home is an incredibly knowledge-intensive industry – and one not to be taken lightly. CRIEA’s primary means of protecting the public and raising the standards is through intensive training of their home inspectors. As a CRIEA member, I have to pass their rigorous exams, follow their strict code of ethics, and follow their requirements for continuing education every year – among the most required of any association of its type. Why would anyone in this state take a chance with a home inspector who isn’t a full member of CREIA?